18 in 2018

18 things for 2018

  1. Take sailing lessons
  2. Implement a daily skincare routine
  3. Watch 100 of IMDB’s Top 250 movies of all time
  4. Read a book for at least a half hour daily
  5. Go kayaking in the Chicago River
  6. Write consistently in a journal
  7. Gamble (a little) at a casino
  8. Shop regularly at a farmer’s market or CSA
  9. Go camping at a country music festival
  10. Return to running post-injury and run a race
  11. Make a lifelong bucket list
  12. Send birthday and anniversary cards to my friends and family
  13. Travel to a country overseas
  14. Have photos printed into a memory book
  15. Go on a date that’s truly blind/a set up
  16. Watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan after a night out
  17. Join a beach volleyball rec league
  18. Drink 100oz of water every day