January Goals Check-In

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I want to hold myself accountable to my wide range of goals and resolutions I’ve put out for 2018. (Both my 25×25 and my 18 in 2018, plus a range of sub- and private lists because I’m a woman who loves lists and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Right. Anyway.)

I thought about a weekly check-in and that seems too often, honestly. I can barely update this blog on a regular basis, and that would mean essentially every post would be a check-in, which seems a little bit too much, to be honest. I’d like to keep this blog a space where I can write about whatever inspires me at the moment, whenever I want to post about it. (Although, I would like to experiment with posting more. About what, not sure. Time will tell.)

Monthly check-ins seem a little sparse, but also reasonable. I’m going to give it a try for a while and see how it feels, so well – here it goes. My January check-in.

18 in 2018

  1. Take sailing lessons.
  2. Implement a daily skincare routine. – So far, I’ve been successful at this! I’ve been washing and moisturizing my face twice a day, and I’ve only missed one night. My skin feels (and looks!) great – I wish I’d taken a before picture – and I’ve only had one zit this entire month.
  3. Watch 100 of IMDB’s Top 250 movies of all time. – I watched 1 this month – falling behind on this already. (oops!)
  4. Read a book for at least a half hour daily. – Yesss, success! I haven’t missed a day, although sometimes I’m fighting to keep my eyes open reading before bed, trying to cram it in. Sometimes I’m supplementing books with blogs or other online written material, but I’m still working on prioritizing reading in my day. This month, I finished two books – coming in right under the wire as I finished the second just a few minutes ago.  (And I’m two-thirds of the way through a third!) I’d say I’m off to a good start.
  5. Go kayaking in the Chicago River.
  6. Write consistently in a journal. – So far, success. I wrote in my journal 8 times this month, and I’m loving getting my thoughts down on paper.
  7. Gamble (a little) in a casino.
  8. Shop regularly at a farmer’s market or CSA. **This isn’t really a thing in the dark, cold months here in Chicago, from what I’ve found. But I have my calendar marked for April when most start back up again! In the meantime, I found this service called Imperfect Produce to test out – its a delivery service of organic veggies straight to my door – and my first shipment is February 6. I’ll keep you posted on how I like it!
  9. Go camping at a country music festival.
  10. Return to running post-injury and run a race.
  11. Make a lifelong bucket list. – I got started on this in January. It’ll be a long list, but I’m having a good time imagining all of the things I want to do.
  12. Send birthday and anniversary cards to my friends and family. – I sent two this month! Woo!
  13. Travel to a country overseas.
  14. Have photos printed into a memory book.
  15. Go on a date that’s truly blind/a set up.
  16. What the sunrise over Lake Michigan after a night out.
  17. Join a beach volleyball rec league.
  18. Drink 100 oz of water every day. – So far, so good. 100oz minimum every single day… I’m convinced it’s part of the reason my skin looks so great!

Resolutions complete: 0

Resolutions in progress: 7


  1. Take a trip by myself. DONE! I went to Boston for a week, and (as you might have guessed from my constant rambling) had the best time!
  2. See Hamilton: An American Musical.
  3. Write a letter to myself to open on my 30th birthday.
  4. Find, and buy, my signature scent.
  5. Host an elaborate dinner party.
  6. Ride a bike along Lake Michigan.
  7. Make a painting to hang on my wall.
  8. Have a drink at a bar by myself. DONE! I had a drink by myself while in Boston nearly every night. It was intimidating at first, and there were a few fails, but more often than not – I had a great time and met some of the most interesting people.
  9. Go on a day hike.
  10. Eat pizza pot pie.
  11. See a movie by myself.
  12. Achieve a body, and healthy mindset, that I am proud of. – In progress. I’ve been working on being kinder to myself, and have also been consistently tracking, as well as getting my water and workouts in.
  13. Take a cooking class.
  14. Go on a day-long bar crawl.
  15. Eat a sundae at the Ghiradelli store on Michigan Ave.
  16. Discover my signature cocktail. – In progress. I can tell you that tequila-and-soda and vodka-and-water are NOT it. But I am digging the idea of a Gin Fizz – and the Whiskey Smash I had in Boston is the stuff dreams are made of.
  17. Pay off the remainder of my credit card debt. DONE! I paid it off completely on December 29, and paid the small charges off from this month already.
  18. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
  19. Attend a meetup.
  20. Say yes to everything for a day.
  21. Have an epic spa day and makeover.
  22. Go shopping on Michigan Ave.
  23. Buy fresh flowers for my nightstand.
  24. Learn to play a casino game (poker, blackjack, etc)
  25. Take golf lessons.

Resolutions complete: 3(!!)

Resolutions in progress: 2

My month has been by no means perfect, but I’d say I’m off to a solid start with many of these goals and resolutions. I’m checking things off the list – and having a great time doing it – while looking forward to what the coming months will bring.

First up? A February cooking class. Just gotta pick one to attend.

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